10:00 am to 6:00 PM: Tuesday to Friday

10:00 am to 3:00 PM Saturday.

Please call or email to let me know your coming, I am in the country,
on the Cowboy Trail (Highway 22), just North of Sundre
and I would hate to miss you.

403-243-5839 or miles@fretwork.com.

I’m happy to see your guitar at your convenience,
Please call or email to book an appointment

Fret Works is closed Sundays & Mondays

Lifetime warranty on all materials and workmanship.
Satisfaction guaranteed!

Payments & deposits

25% of estimate when I receive your instrument,
Balance in full on delivery,
Regular Rate: $80/hr Attended to in the order received
Overnight Rate: $90/hr Ready before your next gig
Same Day Rate: $100/hr Priority – Emergency Service

Pick Up & Delivery $25

The shop is just north of Sundre on Highway 22.

344044 Highway 22, Clearwater County, Alberta

Postal Address

Box 1438 Sundrie P.O., Alberta, Canada T0M 1XO

(403) 243-5839
Toll Free – North America: 1-888-Fretworks
I will respond to your inquiry as soon as the pace in the shop allows.

For gigging players who require same day service,all work in progress is usually halted in order to respond, and same day service is available, at a slight premium.

Otherwise, orders are undertaken on a first in, first out, basis.


"Dear Miles, The black Johnson you repaired for me used to kill my hand after ten minutes. I didn't know the guitar didn't play well because it's my first and I thought it was normal until a friend here in Fernie told me you could doctor it up. Now I can play ... read more
Jonathan MacDougall

Pro Clients

A work in progress. What are you going to do if you’ve already been through what most bands would consider a “career”? You’ve had a major label deal, critical acclaim, played almost every venue in Canada, toured with scads of “big” acts, and had several hits at radio and Much Music? You’ve had some member changes, internal strife, been fucked over by a major label, and ultimately decided to go your separate ways? If you feel there is more to say and do, you start over from the beginning. That’s precisely what Zuckerbaby is doing. After a five year hiatus Calgary’s own alt-pop misfits are back together because the ending never felt right.