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"Thanks Miles! You are the first luthier ever who has done work for me as advertised. I could not find anyone in my own country (the U.S.)who seemed to understand what "make it play in tune" means. You did excellent work and did not try to sell me a load ... read more
Frank Melbar

Pro Clients

Although he is a bit of a mystery man, Amos Garrett is undeniably, one of the most lyrical and original guitar stylists ever and he has been in hot demand as a studio session ace for at least the past four decades. Among the many kudos he has received for adding his unusual melodic conceptions, which are unmistakably pure Amos, he is highly praised for the funky rhythm and soaring lead work that adorned Maria Muldaurs' highly popular 1970's top 40 hit: "Midnight at the Oasis". Amos continues to be regarded by the who's who of the guitar playing community as a true innovator and is cited as a major influence on many hot players such as Jerry Donahue, most recently notable as a member of The Hellecasters and is very well known as a member of Fairport Convention.


Amos Garrett, who is without a doubt, a truly legendary Guitar God, has enthusiastically and happily endorsed the work I did for him on his Fender Telecaster at Fret Works for many years. Amos Garrett means so much to me, not only because he is one of the world's most inspiring, truly original and pureguitar players, the world has ever known, but because we are friends and he trusts me to keep his guitar in perfect condition.

Amos is well appreciated and admired for his taste in space and time and for his thrilling, mind bending guitar chops and his totally unique feel for the strings and thus his mango sweet tones, an incredibly blissful melodic feel and really just an overall kind of guitar sound which is so naturally appealing and which always reminds me of the incredible privilege it is to know and make myself useful to the guy and what a joy it is just to be alive.

He has a loyal, one could add cult following among all seriously informed and dedicated musicians and among the millions and millions of avid listeners all around the whole wide world.
 Amos Garrett knows exactly what he's looking for in terms of playability because he is an unparalleled master of the instrument. If you don't know Amos Garrett, you to only just check out his version of "Sleep Walk" or the 1976 Smash Hit "Midnight at the Oasis" to get a tiny sample of his beautiful melodic phrasing and uplifting and soaring solos, his delicate touch and yet his complete command of the guitar. He has influenced legions of guitar players for at least three, if not four generations, with many of the new boys like Mark Knopfler of Dire Straights or Jerry Donahue, most recently of the Hellecasters, owing a long overdue tip of the hat and more verbal acknowledgmentto the man who has been fearlessly and joyfully lighting the pathway so brilliantly for everyone else with a guitar in their hands to freely follow.

Amos has willingly attested in writing to the "to die for" excellence with which the task of modernizing his Fender Telecaster was carried out to his exact order.

This was accomplished by planing the fingerboard to be truly level then modifying and blending the high register radius of the fingerboard of his stock Fender Telecaster from a 7 1/4" cylinder shape into a cutting edge, modern HOT ROD compound radius shape of a final 12" curve, at the end of the high register. Of course replacing all of the frets with a slightly wider and taller wire than the thin tiny vintage frets and only after work super-hardening and gluing them down permanently, following up with a custom rewire on the guitar to his spec and then finally tying it all together with a bow by setting up his guitar so that the strings, to quote the man "are layin' right on the deck".

All in all the work completed at Fret Works for Amos has made him happy, content and so relaxed when he plays because for him it is so slinky, so smooth, so effortless and slinky to play on, that's right I already said that that he declared it The Best Guitar he has ever played!

All that work was completed in the Spring of 1991 for Amos Garrett and that axe is still going strong in in 2007 with the same frets which were installed back in 1991! That's only 15 years of constant and delicious playability off one set of new frets and there's no sign they are about to wear out soon.

Anyway thanks so much for all those wonderful chords and all those glorious licks Amos! You are God with a guitar feeding my soul and Man, do you tie a mean trout fly!
Amos Garrett