Satisfied clients

 “Miles — ‘to-die-for’ tweak job on my tele last week–will sing your praises in the U.K. this summer. Thanks-Amos”

                                                                            –Amos Garrett, Living guitar legend.

 Amos has recorded with Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt, Maria Muldaur and more than 200 others. He’s a long time client of Fret Works and one of my favorite human beings.


“Thanks Miles, for the great work on my guitars. Your dedication, attention to detail,and excellence, goes a long way. The old Gibson and the Strat are playing better than ever. Thanks again. The Force Is With You….”
Lester Quitzau


Lester Quitzau

Lester Quitzau

“Wow! Miles turned my Franken-Tele parts guitar into something as good or better than the ‘real deal’. He’s also turned what I thought to be a pretty rad Strat into something that almost plays itself! Thanks Miles!”

-Brian McClennon, Aktivate

“Hi Miles, Cool site. Thanks for all the years of extra work that you have done to keep my 67 Precision still singing like it never has before. I am a fan of your endless insight to the problems that I have had with my bass. The times you have come out to the gig to tweak little things I don’t even pickup on. What a consummate professional you are. Thanks pal, Glen”
-Glen Yorga

“Hi Miles. I just wanted to thank you for the great work you did on my Fender Acoustic. My guitar and I have developed a new relationship! I’m practicing every day and really digging the sound and its playability. I wish I had came across Fretworks 10 years ago because I was unaware that a guitar could be set up so it wasn’t such a workout to play on. But one only learns when they are ready and I’m ready to learn now! Thank you.”
-Geoff Jones

“I have personally known Miles for over 34 years, and I do not believe that anyone could find a craftsman/mentor (alive today) in ANY field that is more COMMITTED to the TOTAL SATISFACTION of his customers and students than is Miles Jones, Proprietor, Fretworks. Anyone sincerely interested in making more beautiful music on their instruments, with their hands, and in their hearts would do well to seek out Miles’ caring knowledge and expertise in all that is and will be ‘GUITAR’.”
-Brent Rintoul

“Dear Miles, The black Johnson you repaired for me used to kill my hand after ten minutes.

I didn’t know the guitar didn’t play well because it’s my first and I thought it was normal until a friend here in Fernie told me you could doctor it up.

Now I can play for at least an hour and it sounds better too. Best of all you didn’t juice me on your prices. Thank you so much.”
-Jonathan MacDougall

“Wow, Miles, and Fretworks, are truly one of a kind. Miles took my brand new factory setup Ovation and tweaked it into the guitar it should have been in the first place. What a tremendous difference on the action and playability. From barely playable to smooth as silk. I still can’t believe it.

“As if this wasn’t enough, he did the work on New Years Day and delivered it to my residence personally so that I could take the axe with me on an extended stay in Germany. This is service that is totally beyond the call of duty.

“Miles, you have made me a believer and I know that all of my axes will benefit from that level of quality care. I have now asked Miles to completely customize my 1990 PRS. Based on what I have seen, our personal discussions, and the many testimonials from others, I have no doubt that the end result of this “little” project will be a screaming hot rod axe second to none anywhere.”

“Thank You Miles for making my guitar into a great instrument. It is amazing how much difference the setup has made in releasing my inner Jimmy. Thank you for treating me and my guitar like we mattered.”
-Doug Unrau

“Thanks Miles! You are the first luthier ever who has done work for me as advertised. I could not find anyone in my own country (the U.S.)who seemed to understand what “make it play in tune” means. You did excellent work and did not try to sell me a load of extras to milk my wallet. I will be doing business with you again.. exclusively.”
-Frank Melbar

“I will never trust anyone but Miles with my guitars. Great service, care and concern. It is nice to see someone who has a passion for what they do and truly cares about the customer and their instruments. Thanks again.”
-Jeff Hiscock

“I’ve known Miles for over thirty years and have been playing for thirty seven years. Over the past fourteen years, I have been a frequent client of Fretworks for everything from the ground up restoration and custom finishing of a Gibson Flying V to my current custom guitar project which is a graphite neck Stratocaster style guitar.

“I prefer to do set ups, pickup wiring and minor work myself. I would not have learned to do these things as well were it not for the help and insight Miles has shared with me over the years.

“In my growth and progress as a human being and as a guitar player over the years, Miles Jones and Fretworks have been valuable beyond measure. Three words sum it up well from my point of view – Dedication, Diligence, and Integrity. Thanks Miles.”
-Brad McHugh

“I’m not a celebrity, a professional guitar player, nor even a good guitar player, as anyone who has heard me play will attest, I’m just an ordinary guy who likes his guitar.

“I bought my 1976 K-Yairi YW-700 guitar new in late ’79, found it in a guitar store in Halifax where it had been hanging on the wall for 3 years. It has accompanied me to 4 Provinces, spent time with me at sea while serving on a Destroyer, saw me through 4 years in Germany, and 99 days in the ‘90\’91 Gulf War, and I’ve grown attached to it.

“So, although it’s not an expensive guitar, when I noticed the bridge was starting to separate from the body, I knew I wanted to repair it rather than buy a new one. I found Miles Jones quite by accident while surfing the Internet for guitar repair shops in Calgary, and what a serendipitous find it turned out to be.

“From the moment I met Miles, he treated me as if I were an Amos Garrett, or a Jan Arden. He looked over my guitar, asked me about my playing style, told me what he thought needed repairing and what did not, and gave me what turned out to be an accurate estimate.

“Miles re-affixed the bridge, made a new saddle, fixed a loose tuning key, filled in a minor wood compression on the back of the neck, at my insistence (he said I didn’t need them done yet) he replaced the frets, he repaired some minor cracking in the gloss finish on the back and polished the whole thing to a nice water gloss finish.

“Miles even fixed the loose covering on my old guitar case, and because the job took slightly longer than he had planned, when it was completed, he hand delivered it to my house. My old guitar plays better and easier than it ever did, and sounds fantastic, even with me playing it. Thanks for everything Miles.”
– John Stewart

“It was time to re-fret my vintage 1964 SG Special, the one I’ve had for 25 years. I was really worried about finding the right pro for the job.

“Though I love tinkering with my other guitars, and have built a few, I wasn’t about to hack my SG’s bound fingerboard.

“I found Fretworks through the internet. Talking the job through with Miles, I knew I had found someone who really cared.

“The re-fret with jumbo tall frets has returned my SG to a condition better than I’ve ever known it.

“Miles did such a nice job that I won’t hesitate to send my others to him when their turn comes. Miles’ attention to detail and customer service is a model for any business.”
-Steve Bassett

“Hi Miles, I used my 7 string archtop in the studio yesterday and it was great…super clean and super presence. Another thing is the balance you’ve achieved vis a vis the strings and the pickup. It’s sounding and playing the best it’s ever been. I thought you should know. Thanks a bundle.”
-Barry Hawkins

“Miles, You’ve serviced five of my instruments now and I have yet to find any fault with your work. You are a valuable asset to any musician. Not only have you done great work on my guitars, but your freely imparted wisdom has helped me discover more about these cherished tools and how to get great sound out of them. You, my friend, are worth more than money. Always drive carefully 🙂 ”
-Michael Gothreau www.fatbottomband.com

“Miles setup my Strat to play like it never played before. He also reprofiled the neck of my Yamaha acoustic, planed the bridge and setup it up so that it plays and sounds great! I highly recommend Miles’ professional and affordable work.”
-Brent Rawlings

“Miles turned my ailing 35 year old acoustic into a guitar that plays like b-u-t-t-e-r! Thanks Miles!”
-Fred Palmer

“I received it yesterday. Magnificent! Incredible! I can’t imagine how it could have been done better. Great action and wonderful sound. Both my son and I are delighted. You were right — we are competing for playing time.”
-Ron Russell

Other Musicians who’s guitars I’ve had the privilege to work on include:

Jann Arden 
A multiple Juno award winning local Diva, internationally known for her rendition of Anne Loree’s hit song Insensitive

Gaye Delorme
Gaye Delorme is certainly one of my favorite guitarists of all time, and he was the first live guitarist I ever heard play up close. He had a profound impact on me that got me attracted to guitars in the first place….Gaye is a one of THE consumate entertainers of our time, always amazingly original and generous in his performance. He is able to weave complex rhythms and lead work in a spell binding effect. To me and the legions of his loyal fans, Gaye is truly one of Canada’s most awe-inspiring guitar players and who remains very unpretentious, passionate, with a very funny sense of humor to boot.

Russ Broom 
Another huge favorite guitar player of mine. Fortunately for us, Russ is still a local Calgary guy. He has a deft touch and is oh so very much in command of his guitar and has his own sound, like Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn. He is also a multi-stylist, multi-dimensional guitarist and when Russ is not working on tour with Jann Arden, he can be found working on any one of a variety of professional sessions crafting jingles or applying his golden talent and keenly honed chops and illuminating the collective work on various recording projects. Watch out for Russ Broom, he will sweep you off-a you feet!

Spencer Davis
Legendary British R&B band leader of the Spencer Davis Group and probably most famous for the tune I’m a Man

Tom Knowles 
Long time bassist and friend for aeons, Tom is now a happy family man and on top of the short list when mucicians need someone to hold down the bottom end. Find him accompanying acts which include: Long John Baldry, Auntie Kate and many others.